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Aalami, B. O. C. (1999). Workshop on overview and design concepts of segmental bridge construction. New Delhi, IABSE.

Abbas, A. M. J. (1980). Optimum design of concrete highway bridge decks, University of Sheffield.

Adamson, D. E. J. and G. L. Kulak (1995). Fatigue tests of riveted bridge girders. Edmonton, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Alberta.

Afzal, M. A. (1998). Bangabandhu Bridge: a titanic task. Dhaka, Ms. Parveen Begum.

Al-Rifaie, W. N. (1979). An Approximate Method for the Analysis of Box Girder Bridges that are Curved in Plan, International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering.

American Cable, C. (1926). The world's greatest suspension bridge: Philadelphia to Camden: the part played in its construction by the American Cable Company, Inc, New York.

American Concrete Institute. Committee, C. B. D. (1977). Analysis and design of reinforced concrete bridge structures. Detroit, American Concrete Institute: American Concrete Institute.

Ang, B. G. (1985). Seismic shear strength of circular bridge piers. Christchurch, New Zealand, University of Canterbury, Dept of Civil Engineering.

Angus, E. C. (1988). Reinforcement strains in bridge deck slabs subject to compressive membrane action, Heriot-Watt University,Dept of Civil Engineering.

Antia, K. F. (1954). Railway track: design, construction, maintenance, and renewal of permanent way with notes on signalling and bridge maintenance. Bombay, New Book Co. Ltd.

Ardley, N. (1989). Bridges, Macmillan.

Association internationale des ponts et, c. (1956). Symposium on loading of highway bridges, Oporto, 1956: papers. Stockholm, International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering.

Avila, J. I. S. L. (1988). Curved concrete bridge of segmental box construction with inclined webs, University of Leeds.

Azizinamini, A., A. Yakel, et al. (2003). High performance materials in bridges: proceedings of the international conference. Reston, VA, American Society of Civil Engineers.

Bachmann, H. and W. J. Ammann (1987). Vibrations in structures: induced by man and machines. Zu\0308rich, International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering.

Baker, R. E. (1986). Local scour at bridge piers in non-uniform sediments, University of Auckland.

Bakht, B. and L. G. Jaeger (1985). Bridge analysis simplified. New York; London, McGraw-Hill.

Bakht, B. E., R. A. E. Dorton, et al. (1990). Developments in short and medium span bridge engineering '90: 3rd International conference on short and medium span bridges: Papers. Montreal, Canadian Society for Civil Engineering.

Banerjee, P. K. (1977). HECB/B/7 - PGROUP: Program for the analysis of pile groups of any geometry subjected to horizontal and vertical loads and moments, Suite of Bridge Design and Analysis Programs, Department of Transport, Highway Engineering.

Bangash, M. Y. H. (1999). Prototype bridge structures: analysis and design. London, Thomas Telford.

Barker, K. J. and D. R. Carder (2001). Performance of an integral bridge over the M1-A1 Link Road at Bramham Crossroads, Transport Research Laboratory.

Barker, R. M. and J. A. Puckett (1997). Design of highway bridges: based on AASHTO LRFD, bridge design specifications. New York; Chichester, John Wiley.

Barnard, C. P. and J. R. Cuninghame (1997). Improving the performance of bridge expansion joints: Bridge Deck Expansion Joint Working Group final report, Transport Research Laboratory.

Barnard, C. P. and J. R. Cuninghame (1997). Practical guide to the use of bridge expansion joints, Transport Research Laboratory.

Barr, B. I. G. E., H. R. E. Evans, et al. (1994). Bridge assessment management and design: Centenary year bridge conference: Papers, Elsevier.

Barr, B., H. R. Evans, et al. (1994). Bridge assessment management and design: proceedings of the Centenary Year Bridge Conference, Cardiff, U.K., 26-30 September 1994. Amsterdam; Oxford, Elsevier.

Bateman, F. F. (1882). St. Lawrence Bridge and manufacturing scheme: engineer's report, 18th January, 1882. Montreal, Dawson Bros.

Baus, R. and K. Brenneisen (1970). Corrosion of the reinforcement and prestressed Concrete Structures. Zurich, International Association for bridge and structural engineering.

Beadle, D. and I. N. Guy (1968). Design of prestressed concrete bridge structures. London, Cement and Concrete Association for Concrete Society.

Beadle, D. and I. N. Guy (1968). The design of prestressed concrete bridge structures: proceedings of the one-day meeting held at Church House, Westminster, on Tuesday 6 June 1967, and organized by the Prestressed Concrete Committee of the Concrete Society. London, Cement & Concrete Association.

Behrndtz Frandsen, J. (1999). Computational fluid structure interaction applied to long-span bridge design, University of Cambridge.

Bennett, D. F. H. (1997). The architecture of bridge design. London, Thomas Telford.

Beny, R., S. H. Nasr, et al. (1975). Persia, bridge of turquoise. London, Thames and Hudson.

Betti, R. and U. Meier (1997). Recent advances in bridge engineering: evaluation, management and repair. New York, Columbia University.

Bettigole, N. H. and R. Robison (1997). Bridge decks: design, construction, rehabilitation, replacement. New York, N.Y., ASCE Press.

Beveridge, P. G. and M. Palmer (1994). The design of large span corrugated steel structures, Transport Research Laboratory, Bridges and Ground Engineering Resource Centre.

Bhattacharya, S. (2003). A reconsideration of the safety of piled bridge foundations in liquefiable soils. [Cambridge], University of Cambridge, Department of Engineering.

Billington, D. P. (1983). The tower and the bridge: the new art of structural engineering. New York, Basic Books.

Binding, J. (1997). Brunel's Royal Albert Bridge: a study of the design and construction of his 'Gateway to Cornwall' at Saltash. Truro, Twelveheads.

Birkenmaier, M. (1980). Fatigue resistant tendons for cable-stayed construction. Zurich, International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering.

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