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Bolton, M. D. (1991). Geotechnical stress analysis for bridge abutment design, Transport and Road Research Laboratory, Structures Group.

Bolton, M. D., S. M. Springman, et al. (1989). The behaviour of bridge abutments on clay, University of Cambridge, Department of Engineering.

Bowles, D. S. and H.-Y. Ko (1984). Probabilistic characterization of soil properties: bridge between theory and practice: proceedings of a symposium. New York, N.Y., American Society of Civil Engineers.

Boxer, F. N. (1860). Hunter's hand book of the Victoria Bridge: illustrated with wood-cuts: a brief history of that wonderful work, from the time that the first practical idea for its construction was submitted to the public in 1846, up to its completion in 1859: also, a short sketch of the lives of the celebrated Stephensons. Montreal, Hunter and Pickup.

Bradley, I. (2000). A user maintainable knowledge based system for conceptual bridge deck design, University of Wales.Cardiff.

Bradley, J. N. (1960). Hydraulics of Bridge Waterways. Reported by J. N. Bradley, pp. vi. 53. Washington.

Bradley, J. N. (1960). Hydraulics of bridge waterways. Washington, U. S. Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of Public Roads.

Bradley, J. N. (1970). Hydraulics of bridge waterways: by the Hydraulic[s] Branch, Bridge Division, Office of Engineering and Operations, Bureau of Public Roads. [Washington], U.S. Bureau of Public Roads; for sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. Govt. Print. Off.

Brady, K. C. (1987). Performance of a reinforced earth bridge abutment at Carmarthen. Crowthorne, Transport and Road Research Laboratory Ground Engineering Division.

Brady, K. C., D. A. Barratt, et al. (1995). Long-term monitoring of a reinforced earth bridge abutement at Carmarthen: 1984 to 1994, civil engineering resource centre Transport Research Laboratory.

Brennan, P. J. (1978). Curved Girder Bridge Model: Analysis and Testing, Int. Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering.

Bridge, C. R. C. a. t. i. i. t. C. o. t. C. o. t. Q. (1908). Royal Commission Quebec Bridge Inquiry. Report. Also, Report on Design of Quebec Bridge. By C. C. Schneider. (Minutes of Proceedings and Printed Exhibits.) [With plates.], 2 vol. Ottawa.

Bridge, K. (1990). The application of computerised modelling techniques in manufacturing system design, University of Aston in Birmingham.

Bridge, M. and J. O'Brien (2000). Passion for earth: earth houses in New Zealand. Auckland, David Ling Publishing.

Bridge, P., G. M. Heddle, et al. (1975). Design & technology, metal. Oxford, Pergamon.

Brown, W. C., M. F. Parsons, et al. (1976). Bosporus bridge: design and construction. London, Institution of Civil Engineers.

Buck, L. L. (1881). Report on the renewal of the Niagara Suspension Bridge. [New York? s.n.].

Buckle, I. G. (1982). Seasonal variations in the thermal response of a concrete box girder bridge. Auckland, Department of Civil Engineering University of Auckland.

Buckle, I. G. E. and I. M. E. Friedland (1996). Proceedings of the fourth national workshop on Bridge research in progress, National Center for Earthquake Engineering Research.

Buckner, C. D. and I. M. Viest (1988). Composite construction in steel and concrete: International conference on composite construction: Papers. New York, N.Y., American Society of Civil Engineers.

Burks, G. and Partners (1979). Investigation into aspects of design and manufacture of standard precast pretensioned bridge beams. Aspect 1, Addendum Design charts for the end zones of inverted T & M beams for Chief Engineer, Highways, Department of Transport, Burks, Green & Partners.

Burnside, W. A. M. I. C. E. (1916). Bridge Foundations, etc, pp. viii. 139. Scott, Greenwood & Son: London.

Burnside, W. M. (1916). Bridge foundations. [S.l.], Scott Greenwood & Son.

Campagnac, E. (1996). La maitrise du risque entre difference et cooperation: le cas du Severn Bridge. London, Bartlett School of Graduate Studies.

Card, G. B. and D. R. Carder (1993). A literature review of the geotechnical aspects of the design of integral bridge abutments, Transport Research Laboratory, Bridges and Ground Engineering Resource Centre.

Casas, J. R. e., D. M. E. Frangopol, et al. (2002). Bridge maintenance: safety and management: proceedings of the first international conference on bridge maintenance, safety and management, IABMAS'02 Barcelona Spain 14-17 July 2002. Barcelana, Spain, International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE).

Cassady, S. and C. Winters (1979). Baron Wolman presents Spanning the Gate. Mill Valley, Calif., Squarebooks.

Chakrabarti, S. P. E. (1985). Some important thoughts on bridge and structural engineering. New Delhi, Indian National Group of the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering.

Chee, R. K. W. (1982). Live-bed scour at bridge piers, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Auckland.

Chen, W. F. and L. Duan (1999). Bridge engineering handbook. Boca Raton, FL; London, CRC Press.

Chen, W. F. and L. Duan (2003). Bridge engineering: construction and maintenance. Boca Raton, Fla.; London, CRC Press.

Chen, W. F. and L. Duan (2003). Bridge engineering: substructure design. Boca Raton; London, CRC Press.

Chettoe, C. S. a. A. and H. C. Adams (1938). [Reinforced Concrete Bridge Design, etc. [With plates.]], pp. xx. 412. Chapman & Hall: London.

Chettoe, C. S. and H. C. Adams (1948). Reinforced Concrete Bridge Design. [S.l.], Chapman & Hall.

Chiew, Y. M. (1984). Local scour at bridge piers, University of Auckland.

Cima, K. H. (1994). Reflections from the bridge: the Victorian sapper in photographs. [Whittlebury], Published in conjunction with the Institution of Royal Engineers by Baron.

Clark, J. W. (1972). Condition of a 12-year-old glued-laminated stringer bridge with nailed-laminated deck: decay hazard aspects. Madison, Wis, Forest Products Laboratory.

Clark, L. A. (1982). Design requirements for short cantilever elements in bridge structures. [London? Dept. of Transport].

Clark, L. A. (1983). Concrete bridge design to BS 5400. London, Construction.

Clark, L. A. and P. Thorogood (1987). Flexural and punching shear strengths of concrete beams and slabs, Transport and Road Research Laboratory.

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