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Stelmok, J. and R. Thurlow (1987). The Wood & Canvas Caroe: a Complete guide to its history, construction, restoration, and maintenance. Camden East, Ont., Old Bridge Press.

Sudjic, D. (2001). Blade of light: the story of London's Millennium Bridge. London, Penguin in association with the Millennium Bridge Trust.

Surana, C. S. and R. Agrawal (1998). Grillage analogy in bridge deck analysis. London, Narosa.

Tao, H. (2003). The behaviour of open spandrel brickwork masonry arch bridges. Salford, University of Salford.

Taucer, F. and A. V. Pinto (2000). Mock-up design of reinforced concrete bridge piers for PsD testing at the ELSA Laboratory. Ispra, Institute for Systems, Informatics and Safety, Joint Research Centre, European Commission.

Taylor, A. S. (2003). The problem of using naturalistic studies to inform design: activity theory as a means to bridge the divide between a study of teenage mobile phone users and design. Guildford, University of Surrey.

Taylor, F. J. (1930). Modern Bridge Construction, etc, pp. xii. 235. C. Lockwood & Sons: London.

Taylor, F. J. (1930). Modern Bridge Construction: A Treatise setting forth the elements of bridge design and illustrating modern methods of construction. London, Crosby Lockwood and Son.

Taylor, F. J. (1951). Modern Bridge Construction. Second edition, revised and enlarged, pp. xii. 331. Technical Press: London.

Thelwell, N. (1980). A plank bridge by a pool. London, Eyre Methuen.

Thomson, W. C. (1910). Bridge and structural design. New York, The Engineering News Publishing Co.

Tonias, D. E. (1995). Bridge engineering: design, rehabilitation, and maintenance of modern highway bridges. New York; London, McGraw-Hill.

Topping, B. H. V. (1990). Developments in structural engineering: Forth rail bridge centenary conference: Papers. London; New York, E. & F.N. Spon.

Topping, B. H. V. (1990). Developments in structural engineering: proceedings of the Forth Rail Bridge Centenary Conference. 1990. Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. London, Spon.

Transport Research Laboratory. Bridges, D. (1992). A re-appraisal of certain aspects of the design rules for bridge aerodynamics, Transport Research Laboratory, Bridges Division.

Transport Research Laboratory. Library, S. (1995). Durability in road and bridge construction: key publications (1984 - 1994), Transport Research Laboratory, Library Services.

Transport Research Laboratory. Library, S. (1997). Bridge design and construction update: (1995 - 1997), Transport Research Laboratory, Library Services.

Transport Research, L. (2001). Improved appearance of bridge parapets: advice to designers on best practice for the appearance of bridge parapets, Transport Research Laboratory.

Transport, E. M. o. W. (1945). Memorandum on Bridge Design and Construction, pp. 48. London.

Troitsky, M. S. (1990). Prestressed steel bridges: theory and design. New York, N.Y., Van Nostrand Reinhold.

Tsionis, G. and A. V. Pinto (2004). Design guidelines for retrofitting of existing bridge piers with rectangular hollowcross-section using fibre reinforced polymers (FRP). Ispra, European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen, European Laboratory for Structural Assessment (ELSA).

Tuit, J. E. (1894). The Tower Bridge: its history and construction from the date of the earliest project to the present time (May, 1894). [With illustrations.], pp. 106. \201CEngineer\201D Office: London.

Tuit, J. E. (1894). The Tower bridge: its history and construction from the date of the earliest project to the present time. [S.l.], "The engineer".

Tyrrell, H. G. (1911). History of bridge engineering. Chicago, Ill., the author.

Tyrrell, H. G. (1912). Artistic Bridge Design: a systematic treatise on the design of modern bridges according to aesthetic principles, etc. [With illustrations.], pp. xvi. 294. M. C. Clark Publishing Co.: Chicago.

Uko, C. E. A. (1984). Application of the finite strip technique to non-uniform section bridges, University of Leeds.

Umemura, H. and H. Takizawa (1982). Dynamic response of reinforced concrete buildings. Zu\0308rich, International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering.

United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Strategic Intelligence, B. and E. R. O. United States (1944). Railway bridges of Germany: (in eight volumes). Washington, D.C., Strategic Intelligence Branch, Military Intelligence Division Office, Chief of Engineers.

United States. Forest, S. (1977). Road & bridge preconstruction engineering: where are we today? Review of Servicewide practices & Chief's action plan. Washington, D.C., Govt Print. Off.

University of Washington. Structural Research, L., F. B. Farquharson, et al. (1950). Aerodynamic Stability of Suspension Bridges, with special reference to the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. A report of an investigation conducted by the Structural Research Laboratory, etc. [By various authors.], 5 pt. Seattle.

Victor, D. J. (1980). Essentials of bridge engineering. New Delhi, Oxford & IBH Pub. Co.

Waddell, J. A. L. (1898). De pontibus, a pocket-book for bridge engineers. New York, J. Wiley; London: Chapman & Hall.

Waddell, J. A. L. (1916). Bridge Engineering. New York, John Wiley and Sons Inc.

Waddell, J. A. L. (1921). Economics of Bridgework. A sequel to Bridge Engineering, pp. xxxii. 512. J. Wiley & Sons: New York.

Waling, J. L. (1953). Least-Weight Proportions of Bridge Trusses, pp. 56. Urbana.

Wallace, F. J. (1965). Thermodynamics, bridge between science and engineering. An inaugural lecture delivered before the Queen\2019s University of Belfast on 10 March 1965, pp. 21. Queen\2019s University: Belfast.

Wallinga, H. T. (1956). The Boarding-Bridge of the Romans. Its construction and its function in the naval tactics of the First Punic War. [With plates.], pp. 96. J. B. Wolters: Groningen, Djakarta.

Wasell, E. (1875). Wasell's rail trusses for bridges and roofs: and improved trussed girder bridge. London, Ont., [s.n.].

Watson, P. D. J. (1995). Geotextile filter design and particle bridge formation, University of London.

Watson, S. C. E. and M. K. E. Hurd (1990). Esthetics in concrete bridge design, American Concrete Institute.

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