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Larsen, O. D. (1993). Ship collision with bridges: the interaction between vessel traffic and bridge structures, International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering.

Lee, D. J. and D. J. T. a. p. o. b. a. e. j. f. b. Lee (1994). Bridge bearings and expansion joints. London, Spon.

Lee, G. C. E. and K. C. E. Chang (1995). Proceedings of the international workshop on civil infrastructure systems: application of intelligent systems and advanced materials on bridge systems. [np], [nd], NTIS.

Legge, C. (1860). A glance at the Victoria Bridge, and the men who built it, Montreal: J. Lovell.

Lewis, A. F. G. E. and I. N. E. Guy (1968). Design philosophy and its application to precast concrete structures: Symposium: Papers, CCA.

Liaghat, D. (1988). Orthotropic bridge deck surfacing: Analysis and design, University of Bristol.

Libby, J. R. and N. D. Perkins (1976). Modern prestressed concrete highway bridge superstructures: design principles and construction methods. San Diego, Calif, Grantville Publishing Co.

Litzner, H. U. (1981). Effet des contraintes residuelles sur la resistance ultime des poteaux mixtes, International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering.

Liu, W. D. (2002). Bridge structure earthquake engineering: Dr Wen David Liu's Memorial Edition 1952-2001. [Taipei? Liu Family?

Lock, R. J. (2002). Integral bridge abutments, University of Cambridge, Department of Engineering.

Loo, Y.-C. and A. R. Cusens (1978). The finite-strip method in bridge engineering. Slough, Cement and Concrete Association.

Low, A. M. and N. J. Ricketts (1993). The assessment of filler beam bridge decks without transverse reinforcement, Transport Research Laboratory, Ground Engineering Resource Centre.

Luton Central, L. and J. Tasker (1977). Automobile engineering: additions to the special collections of the Luton Central Library, July 1971 to December 1976. Luton (Central Library, Bridge St., Luton LU1 2NG), Bedfordshire County Library Luton District.

Macclintic, M. C. (1930). Detroit River Bridge-Ambassador Bridge. An engineering record of the design and construction of the international highway bridge between Detroit, Mich and Sandwich, Ont, pp. 45. pl. 69. McClintic-Marshall Co.: Pittsburgh.

MacDonald, C. (1867). A discussion of the general principles involved in the construction and action of the isometrical truss bridge. Philadelphia, T.E. Zell.

Macdonald, C. (1997). Bridging the Strait: the story of the Confederation Bridge project. Toronto; Oxford, Dundurn Press.

Macdonald, J. H. G. (2000). Identification of the dynamic behaviour of a cable-stayed bridge from full-scale testing during and after construction, University of Bristol.

Mackay, S. (1993). The Forth Bridge: a picture history. Edinburgh, HMSO.

Madabhushi, S. P. G. (1995). Bridge foundations on liquefiable sand layers, University of Cambridge, Department of Engineering.

Maharashtra. Commission of inquiry appointed to inquire into the collapse of two prestressed girders of the flyover bridge under construction near Gloria Church, B. B. (1982). Report of the Commission of inquiry appointed to inquire into the collapse of two prestressed girders of the flyover bridge under construction near Gloria Church, Byculla, Bombay. Bombay, Government Central Press.

Mahmoud, K. M. (2003). Recent developments in bridge engineering: proceedings of the second New York City bridge conference, 20-21 October 2003, New York, NY, USA. Lisse; Abingdon, Balkema.

Mallard, H. (1976). Building the Sydney Harbour Bridge: the photography of Henri Mallard. Melbourne, Sun Books [for] the Australian Centre of Photography.

Mann, F. A. W. (1972). Railway bridge construction: some recent developments. London, Hutchinson Educational.

Massachusetts. Cambridge Bridge, C. and W. b. Jackson (1909). Report of the Cambridge Bridge Commission and report of the chief engineer upon the construction of Cambridge Bridge. [Boston, Mass.], City of Boston Printing Department.

Mavrocordatus, C. E. (1974). International Conference on Steel Bridge Design and Construction, Johannesburg, 1974: papers presented. [Pretoria], [Council for Scientific and Industrial Research].

McCrea, A. M. (1999). Genetic-based optimisation technique for the development of automated inspection and restoration systems for bridges, City University.

McLean, J. W. (1980). Science and art of dental ceramics. Vol 2, Bridge design and laboratory procedures. chicago, Quintessence.

Mekie, D. C. (1971). A room square construction for Howell bridge tornament graphs. Edinburgh, University of Heriot-Watt.

Mellis, D. B. N. (2003). Mostly from the bridge. Isle of Mull, CCC Design.

Melville, B. (1999). Bridge scour: a compendium of technical papers by researchers at the University of Auckland. Auckland, Department of Civil and Resource Engineering, University of Auckland.

Melville, B. W. (1984). Scour at bridge sites, University of Auckland School of Engineering.

Merchant, R. W. (1994). Evaluation & performance of elastomeric bridge joint sealants: a thesis submitted to the Department of Civil & Architectural Engineering and the Graduate School of The University of Wyoming in partial fulfillment of requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Civil Engineering. Laramie, Wy., University of Wyoming: 165 leaves.

Merriman, M. (1906). A textbook on roofs and bridges. [S.l.], Wiley.

Merriman, M. and H. S. Jacoby (1894). A text-book on roofs and bridges. New York, Wiley.

Middleton, C. R. and V. Hogg (1998). Review of basic variables for use in the reliability analysis of concrete highway bridges, University of Cambridge, Department of Engineering.

Mirtalaie, K. (1988). Shear transfer between precast prestressed bridge beams and in-situ concrete crosshead in continuous structures, University of Leeds.

Mitchell, C. F., J. S. Foster, et al. (1963). Mitchell's advanced building construction, etc. (Seventeenth edition.), London: B. T. Batsford, 1959.

Mitchell, N. M. (1982). Skew bridge abutements: Theory, experiment and design recommendations, University of Salford.

Mitgutsch, A. (1985). From cement to bridge. Andover, Philograph.

Moan, T. and M. Shinozuka (1981). Structural safety and reliability: proceedings of ICOSSAR '81, the 3rd International Conference on Structural Safety and Reliability, The Norwegian Institute of Technology, Trondheim, Norway, June 23-25, 1981. Amsterdam; Oxford, Elsevier Scientific.

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